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The LFC was formed in 2000 and is still growing in popularity as word spreads about our fishing adventures.

2016 Footy Tips
Top 3
After round : 18
Lindsay Harris 102 10
Gazza Haylock 101 9
Anna Stringer 101 7



The latest news for the LFC and Tipsters

Footy Tips This Week

Posted on : 12/05/2016
Once the tips are closed this week the results will be unavailable for a few days
This will give me time to test the hidden rounds and ensure they remain a secret to everyone.
Thank you.

2016 Footy Tips

Posted on : 21/03/2016
The tips are now open and ready for 2016.
Just login to activate your account for this season.
Your username and password are the same as last year.
There is now an I Forgot My Password function that requires your email address.
email me at simonp@internode.on.net if you have any problems logging in.

New Rules for 2016
There will be 3 secret rounds, Round 8, 15 and 23. The results for these rounds and the announcement of the winner will be at the end of year show.

End of year Show
The end of year show will be held the first week of the finals, most likely on a Friday night.
There will be no grand final show this year and there will be only 1 mid season show (TBA).
This is so we can hopefully get a better turnout for our shows this year.
Thanks all, and good luck!

Thanks to Brenton Sawyer

Posted on : 29/03/2013
Brenton Sawyer has kindly donated 2 LED work lights to the LFC.
These will be used in LFC tent for future trips to enhance lighting at meal times.
Our gurus will be fabricating some brackets to mount these inside the tent.
Brenton will be receiving an LFC keyring in acknowledgement of his kind donation.

LFC Keyrings For Sale

Posted on : 16/05/2012
For those not present at the latest LFC trip in March here is a look at the keyrings that are available.
They will be available at all LFC tipsters shows and trips.
Please see Dick van Giesen, Garry Haylock or Simon Pollard if you wish to purchase keyrings.
The cost per item is $10.00
$10.00 each

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